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holiday crafts
holiday catalog

Christmas Garland
Wrap the garland in Christmas lights

Christmas Frame
Place Christmas card in frame.

Christmas Spirit Centerpiece
Glue Poinsetta to jar lid

Chalkboard Frames
Use chalk to mark up these painted frames.

Candy Cane Wreath
Wrap green tinsel around the Styrofoam wreath

Christmas Pencil Holders
Glue one end of tinsel to the pencil holder. Wrap tinsel around the holder until covered.

Christmas Ornament Centerpieces
Drop Christmas ornaments into vases. Clip on flowers and holly to the vases

Winter Flower Wreath
Cut the stems off flowers/ berries/ pinecones.

Holiday Vine Wreath
Loop an ornament through ribbon and secure it to the wreath

Christmas Champagne Flutes
Loop gold string through both ornaments

Christmas Potpourri Centerpiece
Pour potpourri into vases.

Joy Wreath
Attach your wreaths together with pipe cleaners

Christmas Flower Wreath
Wrap green tinsel around the Styrofoam wreath!

Christmas Ornament Wreath
Arrange Christmas ornaments and glue directly to Styrofoam wreath.