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Fall Floral Centerpieces
Arrange assorted fall flowers/berries into vases.

Fall Pencil Holder
Tie fall ribbon around the pencil holder. Tie bow.

Fall Ribbon Wreath
Wrap ribbon around the Styrofoam. Glue leaves, pumpkins and pinecones to wreath!

“Stained Glass” Fall Leaves
Using the leaf patterns provided on pages 2 and 3 of this document.

Fall Potpourri Centerpiece
Pour potpourri into vases Arrange assorted flowers/berries into vases

Fall Floral Foam Wreath
Cut the individual stems from the mum bush.

Fall Mirror
Glue leaves to mirror.

Fall Wreath and Letters
The first thing I did was cut some cardboard letters.

Fall Ribbon Wreath
Wrap ribbon around the Styrofoam Make a bow out of the ribbon Glue bow to bottom of wreath

Turkey Cookies
Carefully twist apart a chocolate sandwich cookie.