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Knight Costume

Light up Door Sign
Glue LED lights around border of wooden Halloween sign.

LED Light Up Wreath
Wrap one roll of 2.5 inch ribbon around floral ring, making sure to cover all green foam.

Candy Pumpkin
Candy Pumpkin Cut flowers and leaves from Floral stems.

Eyeball Treat Jar
Cut 2.5 inch ribbon into 5 inch strips. Cut ends to points.

Glittery Bat Ornaments
You'll go batty for these glittery little guys! So simple to make...

Door Hanger
Build foam build a scene using tape or glue.

Cowgirl Costume

Scary Spider Wreath
Wrap 2.5 inch Halloween ribbon around Floral foam ring.

LED Dry Erase Board
Cut 2.5 inch ribbon into 1 inch strips. Cut one side into points.

Halloween Candy Gift Tin
Cut sheer ribbon colors to desired length.

Glittery Wall Hanging
Layer glitter spiderweb on top of placemat.

Witch's Broom Treat Bags
Create a party favor or tick-or-treat handout that’s adorable and affordable!

Decorate a Pumpkin
This Halloween, create a few pumpkins with personality!

Cupcake Stand
Create this whimsical cupcake stand using some paint, glass plates and bowls, and glue.

Flower Pot Costume

Military Man Costume

Wrap the base of one wine glass with the creepy clothe and the other wine glass with the scarf.

Halloween Headband
Wrap ribbon around headband, securing with glue at end.

Creepy Cloth Bat Bowl
Wrap creepy cloth around entire basket, tucking ends inside the basket.

Glow in the Dark Lollipops
Layer glitter spiderweb on top of placemat.

Candy holder office decoration
Clip the witch hat onto the top of the pencil holder.

Snow Princess Costume

Spooky Potholders
Cut flowers from stems and ribbon to desired length.

Spooky Googly Eye Craft Ideas
Add a little googly fun to your spooky Halloween décor.

Halloween Photo Frame
Write BOO onto back of photo insert with assorted marker colors.

Halloween Hand Towel
Measure width of kitchen towel and cut 2 strips of solid and Halloween print ribbon.

Spooky Googly Eye Craft Ideas
Add a little googly fun to your spooky Halloween décor.

Halloween Arrangement
Insert berries and berry grass into metal bucket.

Halloween Wreath
Wrap the floral ring with the Creepy Cloth and tie off with string or floral wire.